Cikkszám: 608
Gyártó: Voile
Kategória: Kötés
Típus: On-Piste
Rendszer: 75 mm
Súly: 1200g
Nem: Unisex
Állapot: új
Készleten: Igen
Ár: 39.990,- Ft
Méret: Rövid (24-26,5), Normál (27-31)

Based on the successful Switchback platform, the SX telemark binding simplifies the binding platform in order to address durability, weight and performance issues seen with many general-use telemark bindings in the market.

A full-wrap stainless steel toe-plate is permanently riveted to the riser platform, increasing durability and eliminating screws, anti-ice plates, and weight. The combination of the SX full-wrap stainless steel toe-plate and Voile’s time-tested Hardwire heel assembly provides a much needed performance upgrade compared some general-use telemark bindings on the market.

Weight 2 lbs. 10oz/1.2kg/pr.

Not compatible with the Voile Release Kit.